Don’t Call It A Comeback

Let’s face it … I never really went away.

At one point in 2009, things were going great. I was knee-deep in boxes and boxes of trading cards, my email and phone was ringing non-stop, and I had a small but loyal army of collectors who tuned in daily to read about what was going on in the hobby of trading cards. Then it all went away, but not really. After closing down Wax Heaven, I still wrote for the site every now and then before selling everything off when money became tight. A few months later, Wax Morgue came (and went) and although it didn’t win the affection of many readers, it still stuck around long enough for 108 posts.

The next three years were silent. I logged into Twitter maybe once a year. I completely stopped following The Hobby and didn’t read a single card-related blog during that span. Then one day out of the blue, the itch returned. From 2013-2014, I contacted the owner of the Wax Heaven archives multiple times in a sad attempt to buy back what belonged to me, the articles of the now long-deceased blog. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t even get a response so I created Wax Heaven on Tumblr, which despite being a year old has less than 40, mostly uninspired posts. Seems like these days my passion comes and goes.

Well, like a boxer who doesn’t know when to hang ’em up … I have returned. Long gone are the days of title fights at Madison Square Garden and PPV. I am now relegated to a sweaty arena packed with 100 people getting drunk and not paying attention to the fight in the ring. Being away (but not away) for five years took a mighty toll. Most collectors moved on after Wax Heaven, from trading card blogs, from forums, even from Twitter while others are still going strong. The new collectors who entered The Hobby don’t even know what Wax Heaven was or care to. That’s OK.

I no longer have the clout, the readership, or the attention of even 10% of collectors and I am fine with that because everyone starts somewhere and with a little effort, time, dedication, and love for collecting, it will be no time before collectors start reading again. Or not. That’s OK. I am not “out to get Beckett” or any one else. I am not out to do anything more than write about our hobby and maybe bring back some collectors who gave up years, even decades ago. The landscape has completely changed and left me and many others behind. It’s time to suit up and do this thing ONE.MORE.TIME.

Hey, if Jose can get back into licensed Major League Baseball products, anything is possible. As of now, the Tumblr version of Wax Heaven is closed and 2.0 is taking over the remains of the Wax Morgue. That seems fitting for some reason. My goal for 2015, along with keeping a somewhat active, thriving blog is to take back what is mine (the archives). Until that victory comes my way, stay tuned for my journey back into the world of trading cards.

-Mario Alejandro


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Call It A Comeback

  1. nighttimeowl

    I just got a shot of nostalgia there. Glad to see you back and hope you get all the way back (meaning you reclaim all your archives).

  2. Long time, no see. Welcome back, Mario!

  3. Thank you, guys!

    Good detective work, NTO. 🙂

  4. Andy

    Best news I’ve read all day!! Great to have you back and nice to see you settled with WordPress 🙂

    Might even give me the much needed impetus for me to have another stab at a card blog again!!

  5. Great to have you back, Mario!

  6. Nice to see you back – I hope you stick around for a while. Good luck reclaiming your archive posts.

  7. Justin G.

    Great to see you back! Oddly enough, when I read that Canseco’s finger “fell off” I actually thought, “wish Mario was still writing – love to hear his take on this.

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