The Hobby’s Biggest Missed Opportunity

I’m not going to pretend that Robin Williams was a favorite actor of mine. In fact, there were times he could be downright annoying. That being said, I truly respected him and what he accomplished. He was a true King of Comedy who had pretty much spent my entire lifetime (and years before that) working hard to make me and others laugh. Perhaps that is why his tragic death, by his own hands, at 63, hit me like a freight train. It was hands down one of the biggest shocks I have lived through to date.

Thanks to Leaf Trading Cards and specifically, Brian Gray, celebrity-themed trading cards were on the rise when I left the hobby in 2009. Having lived through Michael Jackson’s untimely death that same year, it was understandable that no one ever got the King of Pop to sign a sheet of stickers or cards. The hobby landscape had little love for celebrity cards in the main stream at that point but Robin Williams left us in 2014. Surely by then SOMEONE, anyone would have approached the aging actor in hopes of enticing him to sign, if not for his fans, at least for the money.

Come to think of it, Williams’ star had very little light left by mid-2014. CBS had canceled his tv show, ‘The Crazy Ones’ after one season and aside from his ‘Night at the Museum’ franchise in which he played a bit part, his movie career had stalled years ago. Although Williams’ fame would likely never burn out, his non-stand up work had all but come to an end. How did Leaf, Topps, or another trading card company not make an attempt to bring him to our hobby? Or was this a case of a now recluse former star who simply didn’t have any interest in signing autographs?

I posed this question to none other than Brian Gray on Twitter to see if maybe there was some attempt to bring Williams into the mix. One thing is for sure, as is usually the case, Brian’s company did produce and release a couple of  rare cut autographs of Williams in their products a few years back but still no actual on-card or sticker autograph release. As for now, it appears the only way to find trading cards of Robin Williams, aside from cut autographs is to hunt down a box of 1978 Topps Mork and Mindy, which you can easily track down on eBay for around $80-$100 dollars.

Maybe we all just assumed that Robin would be here forever.


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