Box Break – 2014 Topps Road to Wrestlemania

Okay, I really did not want this box. It’s essentially a $20 turd but since there are ZERO hobby shops in my city, I went ahead and picked it up. While waiting at the register, I had a change of heart and chucked the box into the aisle of candy and moved up. While I was waiting to pay for my non-card items the kid in front of me was carded for a cheap pack of Cancer sticks. As he pulled out his wallet he told the cashier, “My name is Shawn Michaels and I am 24.”

That to me sounded like a sign delivered from the Hobby Gods so … here is my box break of 2014 Road to Wrestlemania.

Product Name – 2014 Topps Road to Wrestlemania

Breakdown – 10 packs plus 1 authentic relic card

Price – $19.99 + tax at Walmart (Sarasota, FL.)

I am usually good about not getting suckered into impulse buys but somehow this product got the best of me. With the exception of the many Ultimate Warrior cards I pulled (8, 2 doubles) … there was nothing about this product that is remotely appealing. The card stock is extremely thin, the design is just plain ugly, and the photographs used are bland. I have seen some great, iconic photos in WWE magazine over the past twenty years but it’s clear that Topps had no access to them.

As for the relic, the design and size of the swatch is actually a nice size. It comes in a clear plastic so there’s no surprise as to what pack it could be in. My pull has ‘Sheamus’ on the card but since there is no specific event listed for the fabric, there is a good chance “The Celtic Warrior” never actually wrestled on the thing. That being said, it’s still nice to have a guaranteed hit in a box like this even though it will be relegated to my eventual junk hit box. As you can see from the scan below, it will likely never feel my chubby card collector fingers.

001 (2)

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