The Best Unlicensed Card I Have Ever Seen

I’ve long been an anti-unlicensed card guy. No, I’m not that annoying, basement-dwelling, hate everything guy slamming his keyboard, disgusted by every non-licensed release but I have come close at times. Instead of crying and bitching I did something much more productive, I simply stopped spending my money. I chose to stop my 20+year collection of Jose Canseco cards rather than to pay for cards like THIS or like THIS or even like THIS.

Now that I am back full force, I just spent $108 dollars at to bring all these missing cards home. Yes, almost 90% of them are unlicensed but what can you do? Jose Canseco got himself booted from America’s Pastime after revealing what we all knew. Jose and many, many, other baseball players were cheaters, not just to their spouses but also in the game. Did we really need a book to tell us? Probably not. Much like a spurned lover, Jose ratted everyone out.

While picking out all these Jose cards from 2011-2014, I noticed the card featured below. It comes from Panini America and was released in 2013. I’ve seen a lot of the cards from this release and while I am not a fan of most of the stuff I have seen so far, the card below is spectacular. To get straight to the point, it is hands-down the very best unlicensed card of Canseco that I have ever laid eyes on.

Unfortunately, the other Jose cards in the set don’t fare so well but that’s quite alright. It takes the perfect photograph to make an unlicensed card look great. For the first time EVER, I am excited about an unlicensed card and am looking forward to finding the many parallel versions, which knowing how Donruss/Panini America works, is probably going to take a long time and a pretty penny to accomplish.


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