2015 Donruss Baseball, A Two-Time Offender

I’ve already discussed the big hobby crime committed by Panini due to their Diamond Kings flub in Donruss’ 2014 comeback. Well, it appears that Panini will soon be a two-time loser from the looks of this 2015 Diamond Kings preview card. Set to arrive in stores in less than 3 weeks, 2015 Donruss Baseball again destroys the Diamond Kings legacy by using photographs and editing them to Instagram-like hell instead of using tried and tested artwork.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from that set collector who wishes things were still the same as they were in 1990. I love flash. I love gimmicks. I even love parallels. I am a fan of all things sports cards but Diamond Kings’ awful artwork is part of my collecting heritage and seeing these cards bare the Diamond Kings name minus the artwork (or logos) that made these cards memorable in the first place is a hobby pill that’s tough to swallow for this 80s-era collector.

As for Donruss’ sophomore effort, you can expect three autographs or game-used relics per 24-pack Hobby box, along with the possibility of buyback autographs, which are some of my favorite cards of all-time. The buybacks will also be the only cards you will be able to pull from this product that will feature MLB logos. Along with those goodies, Panini is producing nine, yes NINE parallels to their base cards. That seems a bit excessive, if you ask me, but Donruss also has a history of flooding the market so in a way, Panini is really sticking with the script.


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One thought on “2015 Donruss Baseball, A Two-Time Offender

  1. My main complaint about all the new Donruss cards is the enormous Donruss logo the plaster across them. My other complaint is about their horrible attempts at call-backs to previous designs where they don’t quite get it right (like the borders being twice as thick as necessary) and then use horrible color combinations. It’s almost like they don’t really want any one to like Donruss cards.

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