Let’s Talk About Leaf ‘Q’ …

Before I begin, I need to be upfront about something. Since my return to writing and collecting, I have won three cards on eBay and two of those three cards were produced by Leaf Trading Cards, while the other came from Topps Company. Frankly, I like what Brian Grey is doing with his company and I’m excited to see what comes next. With that out of the way, I believe it’s time we have an honest conversation about 2014 Leaf Q, a product that came with just ten cards per box and three boxes per case. Right now, the best price on a box of Q is over $600 dollars.

Let that sink in for a minute …

The card below, features an on-card, certified autograph and while it’s not serial numbered, looks absolutely fabulous! A scan simply doesn’t do this card justice. For starters, it’s THICK and the card seems to be printed on some sort of plexi-glass material. Furthermore, it’s so thick and heavy, plus has such sharp edges that you could easily seriously hurt someone with this baseball card.  The design is also near perfect even without a Major League Logo. I guess it helps somewhat that’s it’s clearly from Jose’s Boston Red Sox days, which featured extremely dull uniforms.

As for the price tag on this card, well, before taxes and delivery it cost me exactly $20 dollars. Now, don’t get me wrong, the player collector in me is thrilled that I can buy a beautiful, on-card auto of Jose Canseco for an Andrew Jackson. However, the card writer in me is absolutely terrified that someone could have paid $600 or more for a “box” of cards with a total of 10 cards and this is one of the autographs. What’s even more shocking is the price of the jumbo memorabilia cards of Hall of Fame players and current stars which are selling regularly for under $10 dollars.

I’m not here to condemn ‘Q’ but this card’s sale is more than enough ammo for me to never bust a box of this stuff. Now, looking at their website it’s clear that this product is full and I mean FULL of humongous hits but there’s just so much on the secondary market telling me that those cards are few and far between and there’s a very big chance that a good portion of your pulls will be disastrous and you’ll end up having to sell for whatever you can to a poor collector like myself but hey, your $600+ dollar loss is most definitely my gain.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the work that’s coming out of this incarnation of Leaf Trading Cards. I don’t buy many cards at all and the fact that two of my only three purchases come from Leaf products should say a lot. Brian is truly listening to the collectors and is doing some great things. Personally, if I had to choose between Panini America or Leaf Trading Cards to compete with Topps Company in the Logo Wars, my money and support would go to Leaf so long as we continue to get products like this and my 3rd card, which should arrive by the end of the week.


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