2014 Finest Review

It’s no secret that Topps Finest, with their beautiful Refractor technology and futuristic design is my all-time favorite brand. Since its introduction to the hobby in 1993, I have obsessed. At 13 years of age in its debut, I was sort of the demographic they were shooting for and I was hooked immediately. The last box of Finest that I opened (and my only) was from way back in 2007 and it cost me a pretty penny ($180). Even as a hard core fan, I was somewhat disappointed with everything from the design to the sticker autographs. Despite this, my love for this brand alone forced me to give the review an “A” score.

Today, I am reviewing a box of 2014 Finest purchased by me at JP’s Sports in Fort Myers, FL. Originally, I took the 160-mile journey (round trip) to purchase Top Loaders, Penny Sleeves, etc. but with a box of Finest staring me in the face, I just couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, my box wasn’t as loaded as the one I got in 2007 but the cards in this product were absolutely gorgeous so I can’t complain, although I may a little later on.

Design: A-

The base design on these cards look great and have a classy feel to them, which is rare for a brand like Finest. It’s been five years since I pulled my last Refractor and it’s clear that in that time their technology has improved because these are hands down the brightest Refractors I’ve ever seen. Furthermore, the ’94, ’96, and ’97 throwbacks are a nice touch and the die-cut is my early pick for best pull (not in value) of 2015.

Price: B-

You can easily find this box on eBay for under $90 and at that price point I would highly recommended Finest. You’re going to end up with 60 cards, tons of shiny parallels, and two on-card autographs. At that price, you can’t beat Finest Baseball for a low, high-end product. I complained in 2007 about Finest’s very expensive price but to be completely honest, I miss the result of 90 cards in a box. This break ended way too soon.

Inserts/Parallels/Hits: A-

Okay, here is where this set shines (no pun intended). I pulled sixteen Refractors, some base, some serial-numbered, one die-cut, and one autographed. When an entire “box” is just sixty cards, those high number of parallels help quite a deal. As for what I got … two on-card autographs, both serial numbered to 125 and 99, respectively. Neither will make my money back but I’m satisfied with my purchase.

Overall: A-

This is one of my favorite Finest releases of all-time. For starters, the design is great and the Refractors look better than ever. The question you will want to ask if you’re trying to select just one, low, high-end product is do you want to risk it on Finest for around $90 online and 60 cards or do you want to try your luck on Tek’s 8-card box for around the same price. Tough choice with Tek’s amazing checklist.

For me, you can never go wrong with a good-looking set of cards, close to 20 parallels, die-cut inserts, and two on-card autographs. I have only busted Finest and Stadium Club from 2014 releases but this is easily my favorite of the two. For the gambling type, however, you may want to pass this up for a box of Tek for the possibility of pulling a huge card without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Right now, I am glad I went with 2014 Finest.


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One thought on “2014 Finest Review

  1. nighttimeowl

    One of Finest’s best-looking sets in a decade. I love the base cards.

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