This Could Be the Biggest Hit of 2015

Brian Grey, please bid on this ASAP.

The company you now own had a hand in creating the Studio brand back in 1991. Unfortunately, it is now being used by Panini America but there is a humongous opportunity at hand if you act fast. We all know you love pop culture. How about owning a credit card once owned (and signed) by Kurt Cobain. Now, hear me out … how about including it in one of your 2015 Leaf releases and commemorating 1995 Studio on the 20th anniversary of its release? Talk about generating huge publicity.

You remember ’95 Studio, right? Credit card baseball cards. It was all the rage. Well, here you have an actual credit card with a signature of long-deceased but not forgotten, Kurt Cobain. The man changed music forever in just a few, short years. Just keep one side original and make the other one a bad to the bone recreation of 1995 Donruss. Hell, do a whole fucking subset of these cards. I’m sure there’s plenty of athletes and celebrities who would gladly sell you old bank cards.

The world wasn’t ready for 1995 Studio but we are all ready now. Only you can make it happen, Brian!

For the record, the card is currently at $6,600 with 7 days remaining.

Happy bidding!


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2 thoughts on “This Could Be the Biggest Hit of 2015

  1. Man I’d love to pull a Kurt Cobain credit card out of a pack. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the Studio credit card release.

  2. It would be awesome but no response from Brian!

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