Who Is Responsible for This Mess?

I love Topps Company. I have for most my life (34, collecting since I was 10). However, these autographs that came from the mostly positive-reviewed flagship are unacceptable. The first is a cut-signature of Joe DiMaggio, is a “one of one”, despite there being thousands of Joltin’ Joe’s signature everywhere, and features a cut signature with only 1/3 of his autograph in view. The odds of finding this card in a product like Topps Series 1 are like one in a billion and if I would have been the one to pull it, I’d be extremely disappointed.

In the eBay auction, which has one bid at $499, the seller includes a story about his daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor but with a new GoFundMe scam popping up every other day, I never know what to believe. If I wanted to help, I’d just donate the money and let them keep the card or better yet … win the auction, seal the card and send it back to Topps so they can put out a decent Joe D. cut. I’d even accept one of those awful Upper Deck cut checks with the signature over this monstrosity.


Speaking of monstrosities, I don’t even know where to start with this one. Alright, here we go.

Hall of Famer with worst possible team picture? Check.

Tiny, little photo? Check.

Sticker autograph? Check.

White sheet of paper with sticker? WHAT.THE.HELL?

This is new to me. It looks like Topps grabbed a sheet of paper from their printer and stuck a leftover Reggie Jackson sticker autograph on top of it and then placed it inside a card and eventually into their beloved product. Why Topps, why? Is this the most meta baseball card of all-time or what? First of all, Jackson is alive and well … there’s no reason he can’t just sign something a little nicer. This is the worst baseball card I have seen in 2015 (it’s early) but I am sure there are more on the way.

This “card” is selling on eBay right now with a Buy It Now of $799. Yeah, good luck with that one. A much nicer Jackson autograph, which is also a “one of one” but features a huge patch, didn’t even crack $200. Please explain to me how you expect that FrankenCard from Topps Company is going to somehow sell for that much. It won’t, that’s the problem and if you spent big money on a case of Topps and pulled this, you’ve got a grievance. Now, if you just opened a blaster from Targer and pulled this card, just take whatever money comes and RUN!


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2 thoughts on “Who Is Responsible for This Mess?

  1. One word, and it aint “plastics”. Monopoly. No competition, no incentive to be creative.

  2. Topps Certified Cut Signature? Really? How is that a cut signature? I’ve written about this before on my blog… only my card is from Tristar Signa Cuts and instead of Reggie, I have a Steve Sax autograph on a white label… which is stuck to a white index card. The good news is that I paid a lot less than $799 😉

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