Awful Product, Amazing Insert

There was a lot of competition among card companies in 1998. The Bowman Chrome rookie craze was just kicking into gear, so were game-used relics. Autographs, once a “once and a lifetime” pull, were on the cusp of becoming common and designers were creating some of the most amazing cards ever seen.

Donruss Preferred never quite hit its stride. They had fancy metal tins instead of boxes and had all the nice shine of a high-end product but just didn’t have the right look. Yes, there are some extremely rare cards in this product that collectors go GAGA for but as a whole the brand flopped.

That’s why I was so surprised when I ran across this card on eBay. It’s low on gimmicks except for being die-cut but looks about as classy as any card that was released in the 90s, a decade of cardboard excess when every card came dipped in sparkles just for the hell of it.

The insert line, cleverly titled ‘Title Waves’ has two meanings and uses it well. It showcases an award the player featured had won in their career and came serial numbered to the year on the card. So the Jeter below is numbered to 1,996. A copy recently sold on eBay for $10 dollars and the checklist can be found on Baseball CardPedia here. The die-cut gimmick also made the card look like waves were flowing through the side.

Insertion ratios for these beauties remain unknown nearly 20 years after its release but I highly recommend avoiding unopened tins. For one, it really was a bland product by 1998 standards, so one can imagine what it’s like in 2015. There are also just five cards per tin, making this extremely expensive for what will more than likely be five pretty dull cards just a few years removed from the “junk wax” era.

Stay tuned for more Awful Product, Amazing Insert at Wax Heaven 2.0.

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One thought on “Awful Product, Amazing Insert

  1. As crazy as it sounds… I kinda want to buy a box of this stuff just to see if I can pull a gold Gwynn tin.

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