Panini America Hits A Grand Slam

I’m not a fan of unlicensed baseball cards. I’m not a fan of questionable “game-used” relic cards. I’m definately not a fan of Mark “I’m not here to talk about the past” McGwire. That being said, this card is all sorts of awesome. Simply put, there’s never been a better “Bash Brothers” baseball card. Panini America didn’t have much to work with but thanks to a great concept and execution, they put out a great dual-patch of iconic, 90’s era baseball players.

Judging by the photographs used on this card, it appears they used ’98-’99 Big Mac and ’90-’91 Canseco. Unfortunately, they weren’t playing on the same team during those years but only a huge baseball nerd would know that. As for the air brushing, it was done so well that you can still tell McGwire is wearing a Cardinals uniform. ¬†Unfortunately, Jose’s colors don’t match. That’s my only nit-picking I can do with this great baseball card.

As for secondary market price, it sold for $162.49 on March 2nd. That’s way more than what low to mid-end autographs of these two sluggers sell for so clearly Panini America did something right with this card. Let’s hope one if not both these guys are in 2015 Donruss, which is slated, after a delay, to hit card stores next week. It’s not easy putting out unlicensed baseball cards in this time and age but Panini America is making one hell of an effort to please collectors.

The Bash Brothers of Oakland and St. Louis

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One thought on “Panini America Hits A Grand Slam

  1. That’s a pretty cool card. I wish they were both A’s on it, but still, it’s well done.

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