2015 Donruss Just A Week Away!

I have been anxiously awaiting the sophomore release of Panini’s version of Donruss for a long time. I was gone when they brought back the brand in 2014 and was sadly missing when they resurrected Pinnacle and Select in 2013. Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on buying all three of these products so that I can review and enjoy a nostalgia trip through the 90s.

Below is a card from 2015 Donruss, a subset of freakin’ Donruss Preferred. Amazing. I have always been critical of Panini America and it was because all their products were full of prospects during the time I collected. Today, they are producing a great mix of nostalgia-laden products which are absolutely grabbing my attention and imagination.

In these new times of collecting, I have finally learned to accept unlicensed baseball cards by first embracing Leaf Trading Cards and now Panini America. Unlicensed products are a necessary evil that will hopefully bring us to a day of fair and balanced competition against Topps’ long standing monopoly. Don’t get me wrong, I adore about 90% of Topps product but I also miss the days when they had a competitor breathing down their necks and pushing the New York-based company to be innovative.

A month ago I threw my support to Brian Grey and Leaf’s products but so far they have been extremely quiet this year. We have gotten two Topps releases and nothing else in baseball so I’m naturally excited to see what 2015 Donruss has to offer next week and in the future. Let’s just hope Jose Canseco can be found somewhere in this release.

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