Topps’ Forgotten Parallel Could Have Been Great

Hyper Plaid or Superfractor?

I know, crazy question, right? The Superfractor makes national headlines when the player featured is special, while the Hyper Plaid barely cracks double digits on eBay these days. I’d love to say things were different back in 2008 but they weren’t. Collectors obsessed over the 1/1 Superfractor back then but barely gave a damn about the Hyper Plaid parallel, arguably a better-looking Topps card no one ever cared about due to where the card originated from.

Yes, Topps’ Co-Signer line sucked. Don’t get me wrong, they TRIED. In fact, without Co-Signers, there would be no Wax Heaven. It was an ad for a dual autograph of Alex Rodriguez and astronaut Buzz Aldrin that brought me back to collecting after a 10-year absence in 2007. Within a couple of months, I began blogging. The problem with Co-Signers was its God-awful autograph checklist of pure bums.

I’ve watched several dozen box breaks of 2007 Co-Signers and have seen close to 100 autographs (4 per box, 1 being a dual) and the best I have ever seen pulled was Josh Hamilton and Dan Uggla. That tells you all you need to know about Co-Signers. Furthermore, the boxes were expensive (I paid $120) and even today you won’t find one priced less than $130 when there are junk autographs galore.

Then we come to Co-Signers parallels. In one of those parallels, Topps Company struck gold, or should we say, plaid. Below is a Hyper Plaid parallel of Matt Cain. To say a scan doesn’t do it justice is an understatement. These cards POP off the cardboard. They blow Superfractors out of the water, along with any other parallel Topps has ever done.

It’s 2015 and Topps retired Co-Signers long ago, along with the awesome Hyper Plaid parallels. Today, there is an over abundance of parallels being put out by Topps with every product released and it wouldn’t surprise me to some day see the return of the Hyper Plaid cards. Hell, anything … and I mean ANYTHING is possible if Pinnacle Baseball was resurrected from the hobby graveyard just a few years ago. So Topps, if you’re reading, pull out that Hyper Plaid printer and give collectors another taste of cardboard goodness.

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