This Card Sold for How Much?!?

I’ve never been a fan of Pacific Trading Cards. To me, no matter how many licenses they carried, they were always a very poor man’s Topps. The people at Pacific were putting out sets all the way back into 1989 but officially entered the card game in 1993 with Pacific Prism.

Keep in mind, I was 13 years-old when I purchased my Jose Canseco ’93 Prism and even as a kid thought these cards were just way over the top. It’s almost as if they saved enough money to buy a fancy printer and had to print up as many awful holographic cards as possible to recoup their losses.

As the late-90s approached, they only got worse with parallels and sprinkle cards galore until they finally got what was coming to them by putting out a pretty nasty card of Manny Ramirez. Finally, Pacific was gone but not before putting out some of the most ridiculously gaudy cards ever.

Long before all that, however, was their fixation with Nolan Ryan. They put out a huge Nolan Ryan set that actually featured some pretty cool cards but at over 100 different cards, even the biggest Ryan fan has to draw a limit.

Well, apparently I missed out on the holographic Ryan cards because despite my cousin and I having a ton of these cards in 1991, I didn’t know they exists. As it turns out, there are 10,000 of the silver versions and just 1,000 of the gold versions, although they are not numbered.

The silver one, featuring this awful photograph just sold on eBay raw for $135.50, while a slabbed copy with the same horrendous photograph sold for $237.49! Yes, a card from Pacific that has no autograph, no game-used relic, not even a serial number and there are 10,000 copies sold for nearly $250.

One can only imagine what a gold holographic version would go for, as there are none anywhere on eBay at the moment. With just 1,000 copies, reportedly, it may just crack a grand. Not bad for a junk wax era card and a junk wax card company. Maybe I was wrong about Pacific Trading Cards.

This is so bad, it's good.

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4 thoughts on “This Card Sold for How Much?!?

  1. I absolutely loved some of Pacific’s sets in the late ’90s/early ’00s…mostly insert sets. Some of their “In the Cage” inserts, for example, were amongst the best in the ’90s, in my opinion. I agree on their earlier stuff being pretty bad though.

  2. Samuel Stein

    Were these out of packs, or were they in the sets? Never seen these, so just wondering.

  3. Samuel, your guess is as good as mine. I can’t find anything online or even in the BaseballCardPedia. I even spent half an hour looking at unopened boxes on eBay hoping to see small print and nothing.

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