Someone Paid $255.69 for a Used Redemption

Our hobby is full of scammers. From companies charging us hundreds of dollars per box and then filling it with year-long redemption cards to collectors ripping each other off on social media, message boards, and eBay. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of our society and will never change. I even found myself guilty of scamming collectors in the early 90s by making trades that favored me considerably when I had a special card someone desperately needed.

That of course, was much different. Cards weren’t worth anything close to what they are now back in 1990. Getting four Jose Canseco cards, (two being oddballs) for a Kevin Mass Upper Deck rookie card just isn’t the same as making an online trade for thousands worth in cards and then vanishing. Or worse, selling used redemptions as new and raking in big money before eBay does anything about it. Sadly, people get away with it over and over and over again.

Here’s what I don’t get about this particular redemption. On the eBay ad and description, it clearly stated that it had already been used. Not only did the seller mention it three times, twice it was in BOLD. So is this a case of a card being so desirable that even a used redemption card sells for $250+? Or do we have a case of one or many more excited collectors not paying attention to the eBay ad and going berserk. As for the actual card, there are no completed auctions anywhere but this may give you an idea of what to expect.

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2 thoughts on “Someone Paid $255.69 for a Used Redemption

  1. Wow… if used redemption cards are worth this much… I need to start selling them on eBay 😉

  2. It’s pretty amazing how many people don’t bother to read the description.

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