Bowman’s Best Return … is What’s Best for the Hobby

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

As you may have already heard, Topps is retiring Bowman Platinum and bringing back Bowman’s Best. What it boils down to is that collectors really only care about Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft and Platinum was just not all that exciting. I was away for most of its recent run but have watched several breaks on YouTube. Bowman’s Best, while no longer a recognizable brand due to its long absence, is still the foundation of the chrome prospect movement.

For starters, Bowman’s Best was the first Chromium prospect product produced by Topps beating out Bowman Chrome by three full years. Bowman’s Best featured the first parallel above a Refractor ever produced, named the Atomic Refractor, which was introduced in 1996. Finally, Bowman’s Best was the first Bowman product on Chromium that had autographs. Yes, once again it beat out that over-hyped Bowman Chrome and even Topps Finest.

So while it’s unfortunate that Bowman’s Best lost all its luster to Bowman Chrome in its infancy (1997), Bowman’s Best has way more history in this hobby than Bowman Chrome does and if Topps can resurrect the brand without its awful 2007 high-end product status, you may just have a contender to the Chrome throne. Again, it has to be done right because the market is already over-saturated and another product is not what collectors need.

Below is a pack-inserted, certified autograph of Derek Jeter. It is on-card (of course) and is an Atomic Refractor parallel. This card comes from 1997 Bowman’s Best and was severely overlooked and underrated due to Bowman Chrome’s debut, which had no parallels above Refractors and didn’t even have autographs in the set. Odds of pulling this card out of a pack were an astronomical 1:6,107 packs. As you can imagine, these cards have held up extremely well on the secondary market.

Bowman’s Best has history on its side, it’s up to Topps to use it to their advantage.

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One thought on “Bowman’s Best Return … is What’s Best for the Hobby

  1. Back in the 90’s, I loved Bowman’s Best… especially the refractors.

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