Topps Tribute is Live … with Canseco!!!

Topps Tribute hit eBay last night, a day before its release and finally a decent Jose Canseco card from Topps was included. As you may or may not recall, Jose had an insert in Topps’ flagship but was missing from Heritage. He was also missing from 2015 Donruss Baseball. So far, this is the best looking Jose Canseco of 2015 but that’s not saying much. Here’s hoping there is a base card as well.

As for eBay, you can check out some of the Tribute cards HERE. Clearly, this is one of the best looking Topps releases of the year but at that price point all I can do is pick up singles on eBay. As for the photo used, it’s new to me and is likely from Jose’s 1987 season. I love it because it’s from an era from Canseco’s career that is hardly ever used for cards. For example, Topps used a 1986 photo for 2014 Tek.

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3 thoughts on “Topps Tribute is Live … with Canseco!!!

  1. Slette

    What stinks is there has been a lot of early problems with smudges on the Tribute autos. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident and there aren’t a ton of smudged autos in the product. That’s a sharp looking card, hope you get to land one!

  2. That’s crazy cause I’ve noticed smudging on the few cards on eBay.

  3. Mike V.

    I saw a McGwire auto and it looked like a shot from ’86 or ’87. Fun time in Bay Area baseball!

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