Planning the First Wax Heaven Group Break

I’ve been considering doing my first ever case break lately. I’m not really interested in busting new product because that’s all been done before. I want to find either a case of an old school brand or at the very least a high-end product from the past for a reasonable price. Right now, 1996 Leaf Signature Series Extended seems to be my pick at the moment. It comes with 12 packs per box with a promise of “at least two autographs in ever pack”.

Essentially, we are looking at 48 total cards with 24 of them being autographed. The checklist is full of 90s super stars and Marty Cordova. Of course, unless you pull something amazing, odds of making back the slot/team price will likely not be worth it to some but to baseball card collectors and fans of the hobby, this may be your final chance to bust a product like this. ’96 Leaf Signature was the first ever product to guarantee an autograph per pack or even box.

Here’s what we are looking at: $399.95 for the box (with free shipping). At 12 packs, you’re looking at $33.32 per slot. I will make it $35 per slot to include shipping supplies. I have zero interest in making any kind of profit, this is strictly for fun. So at that price, per slot you’re guaranteed two autographs and two base cards, all filmed for YouTube. I will be purchasing the box in early April regardless if it fills up or not.

Below are some more details on 1996 Leaf Signature Series Extended:

Checklist highlights: Frank Thomas, Andruw Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Eddie Murray, Andrew Dawson, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley.

Checklist lowlights: Alex Ochoa, Jeff Conine, Mac Suzuki (?), Karim Garcia, Kevin Appier.

Breakdown: 1 slot = 2 base cards, 2 on-card autographs

Price: $35 per slot includes penny sleeve, top loader, protection, postage, and bubble mailer

If you have any interest in joining this group break, leave a comment. Also, suggestions are more than welcomed because it is my first ever group break.

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One thought on “Planning the First Wax Heaven Group Break

  1. Sports Card Radio

    You can count me in. I can send PayPal anytime. Reach me on Twitter @SportsCardRadio

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