Topps’ Silence Deafening as Tribute Woes Continue

It’s only day # 2 of Topps Tribute, officially … but the hobby world is exploding with rage and anger as more and more faded, smudged, and otherwise damaged autographs keep popping up on eBay and social media outlets. Surprisingly, Topps’ active Twitter account has gone silent and there has yet to be an official word on what caused the damage and what the MLB exclusive card company plans to do. Not even Beckett Media, the supposed voice of the collector, has commented.

On Twitter, well-known case breaker, Brent Williams, posted the results of his case along with his disappointment and frustration over Tribute to his over 4,000 Twitter followers. Even the non-damaged cards were not well-received but that’s another story. What’s really tragic about Tribute-Gate is that this year’s product looks absolutely amazing, including the design of the game-used relics, which to me has been a dead gimmick for years.

In the middle of the outrage on Twitter, a video popped up on YouTube with a Topps employee showing players just how to sign their Tribute cards. Not only is it very interesting to see the behind the scenes work that goes into making trading cards, it also shows that just maybe cards are being signed without a Topps representative. Again, that’s another story. What we still don’t know is just who is to blame? Rushed millionaire players who didn’t wait for ink to dry or Topps Company?

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3 thoughts on “Topps’ Silence Deafening as Tribute Woes Continue

  1. Andy

    “We apologise to any customers affected by the recent Tribute issues. We’re investigating the matter and will issue an update in due course”

    138 characters… That’s all it would have taken… It ain’t that difficult!

    Instead it’s turned into a complete PR clusterfuck!! Well played Topps!

  2. I agree that Topps should have said something by now. There’s no way they don’t know about it, even if it’s just Andy’s message.

    Without knowing anything about how a product like Tribute is “packed out” I’m guessing that (1) there was an issue at the time Tribute was being packaged and (2) there is probably an issue with the pens and/or the stickers since the autograph isn’t fixing.

    This is yet another reason why I really don’t care for high end products like Tribute. Sure, there’s a chance for really nice stuff, but the risks really outweigh the rewards for those who actually open the product.

  3. Some day Topps will remember that cards with a matte finish are much better for signing and stop all of this super glossy madness.

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