Prism Looking to Challenge Topps Finest

While Topps is dealing with a major PR nightmare, Panini America took a moment to preview some in-hand autographs for their upcoming 2015 Prism brand. Unlike 2015 Donruss, this set does feature Jose Canseco in some capacity. I’ve been pestering Panini to let me see a preview but have been pretty much blow off so far. I’m still trying because I’m dying to see the Canseco in this product.

As for the Prism brand, I busted 4 packs from 2014 and it was extremely fun yet also a little bland due to the lack of logos. As you can see from the images below, Panini is doing everything in their power to make logos on baseball cards obsolete. If you ask me, they are doing a pretty good job judging by the cards below. I’m not positive but I believe the bottom card is a tie dye parallel.

These cards are still a long ways away as Panini is still trying to obtain signatures but from the looks of it, this is going to be Panini’s strongest baseball effort this year. If Prism is released around the time Topps Finest drops, we could have a serious David vs. Goliath battle on our hands. If you can get past the lack of logos and airbrushing, this is going to be a very fun product!

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2 thoughts on “Prism Looking to Challenge Topps Finest

  1. Slette

    Also on the checklist: Andy F’n Pettitte. Cool, count me in, Panini.

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