The Rise and Fall of Topps Tribute

By now you’ve probably heard about Topps’ very late (is 4 days really late?) descision to recall 2015 Tribute. Topps is offering full refunds on unopened boxes and replacement autographs + a bonus autograph or relic for every damaged card. As for a re-release of Tribute, it’s not looking good.

This story broke on social media and had everyone from Beckett Media to Topps’ very active Twitter account completely silent for days as collectors lost both money and patience. Topps has a major PR disaster on their hands and how they handle replacements and refunds will be scrutinized at every turn moving forward.

What’s really tragic about Tribute-Gate is that aside from the damaged autographs, the stuff looked amazing. The base cards had pizazz, the relics looked as good as any relics of the past five years, and the autograph checklist was impressive, even though at $250 per box, it wasn’t quite worth its weight. Is any product, really?

Now Tribute is flying off eBay at the speed of light as collectors are snatching up cheap cards and sellers are taking down auctions to get their money and/or replacements from Topps. I was bidding on two Jose Canseco autographs and saw both my listings deleted. It’s only a matter of time before ’15 Trubute becomes a huge player collector item due to scarcity. Tribute was only available for four days, meaning most of the product remains unopened and will soon be back at Topps headquarters.

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2 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Topps Tribute

  1. I get a little disappointed in the average collector when I read Topps twitter announcement and there was just so much complaining. Half the complaints weren’t even about Tribute – they were about old redemption. I get that if you have a redemption that’s 2 years old – that’s frustrating. But that wasn’t the place for that.

    Bottom line – Topps screwed up and they should have probably figured it out earlier. And they should be more open about what explaining what really happened. But the solution of a recall is a good job of making the best of a bad situation, and I think people should give them the chance to make good on their solution.

    That said – recalls for a product like baseball cards seem so odd. It’s not like an auto part where you can just bring it in to a Toyota dealer and get it fixed/replaced. People will decide not to send their cards back in hopes of the rarity driving prices up.

  2. Lol… never thought about it as a huge player collector (or team collector) item… but you’re right. If this stuff doesn’t get re-released, some of these singles might be cool collector’s items.

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