Curse You, Topps Company!

Why am I the very last person to find out about 2014 Stadium Club buyback autographs? I discovered the first one this morning (of Mr. Canseco) while checking out some eBay completed sales. It’s absolutely gorgeous, has an on-card autograph, and is serial numbered to just five copies. After searching them out specifically, I found recent sales of other greats that have worn green and yellow. As you can imagine, they sold for considerably more than the tarnished Canseco card, which hit a respectable $150.

I have to say, right now my very favorite gimmick in this hobby is buyback autographs. I hope other companies take note to Topps’ effort to not flood the market with them (looking at you, Leaf & Panini) because these cards are truly special and create a unique type of nostalgia that no other card gimmick comes close to. Seeing these 1991 Stadium Club buybacks brings me back to the days when Topps was sweeping the floor with the competition and I’m glad they are so hard to find. I may never own one but I can appreciate the image just as much.

Now, one has to wonder if 2015 Stadium Club will also feature buybacks from the 1992 release, which featured key cards of Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, Manny Ramirez and many more. It’s still a good three months away but cases are already online for around $1,000 a piece. That of course will bring you lots and lots of goodies and just maybe a shot at something truly special, like one of the cards below. Let’s just hope Topps Company is very selective about what subjects are given the buyback treatment. For those who forget or weren’t around in 1992, Stadium Club was a three-series, 900-card set. That was a record held for biggest set for quite some time.

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5 thoughts on “Curse You, Topps Company!

  1. I hadn’t heard about these either. Did they just do buy backs of super stars, or a huge random assortment like Leaf has been doing?

    • I’ve only seen Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken Jr. thus far. As for that Leaf buyback product … probably the laziest thing I’ve ever seen. A product full of stamped, numbered, and signed buybacks is exactly the kind of product that will kill this awesome gimmick.

  2. Polo

    Classic wax heaven post. Thanks, I hadn’t seen these before. Really cool. UD has done some really nice ones, too.

  3. James McCay

    As much as I HATE Playoff, Donruss/Playoff for so many reasons none of you will ever know: some of their Recollection On Card Autographs were the nicest as shortest printed Buyback Autographs made especially in the early-mid 2000’s (while ALL their current product autographs were those STUPID holo-foil return address label stickers they bought in Staples- FACT). I treasure my Steve Carton Recollection Autograph on a early 1980’s Diamond King – serial #07/21 plus many others I had the luck of buying when they were quite inexpensive.
    Now the HOF players numbered to 50 or less sell for 2-3 times what I paid just ten years ago. The RIGHT On Card Certified Autograph Inserts will continue to rise in price because so many non-card autographs collectors realized what I’ve been saying since 1999 was true; On Card Certified card company autographs from established trusted autograph companies (with the authenticity statement or stamp printed right on the card) have a 99.9%+ authenticity rate. That number cannot come anywhere near close by any other type of autographs, especially Authenticated Autographs on cards which stupidly sell for MORE than Certified Card Company autographs in many cases to this day!

    There’s a monetarily rich element in our hobby who’d prefer to buy Authenticated Autographs simply because their other rich autograph collecting buddies think Authenticators are gods. So these are the knuckleheads buying Authenticated Autographs for FAR MORE than they are- or will ever be worth from companies like PSA/DNA, Global, BGS, or James Spence!

    • James McCay

      BTW- I can always be contacted directly at and will gladly share my 27-year hobby experience and over 20-years of fighting hobby fraud experience (7-years fighting CORPORATE hobby fraud) with anyone as long as you keep it mature.

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