This Is a Sad (Hobby) Sight

This card showed up on my Twitter feed this morning. It’s some kind of Upper Deck card featuring an awful photo of the “Texas Expresss”. However, without a classic photo all I see is a 70 year old man with a bad ticker. If I wanted a baseball card of my grandpa, well, I don’t. No one does.

I feel awful that Upper Deck lost its baseball license but it’s been years now, time to walk away with some dignity. Don’t be Willie Mays with the Mets stumbling around in the outfield. Who knows? Maybe one day we will see licensed Upper Deck cards and not dinosaur cards and whatever this thing is.

The reason this card made waves today, though, is not for the awful photograph, terrible design, or out of date Upper Deck logo. The reason why this card is here is because that autograph sticker is that of Mark McGwire, not Nolan Ryan. Both have beautiful penmanship but do not look anything alike.

In the days of 2015 Tribute, we know mistakes happen. Tony Gwynn stickers on worthless Tony Gwynn Jr. cards. Ryan Braun, the meathead, stickers on Ryan Braun cards, the non-famous one. But this mistake is pretty huge and also, to be completely honest, kind of cool. Error cards used to be a big thing.

It should be noted that for about 4-5 years Upper Deck has made some pretty awful Nolan Ryan cards, all out of uniform and one from Goodwin Champions in full rodeo clown garb. My suggestion is to avoid that garbage and find one of the original autographs found in 1990 Upper Deck. No one needs to see this.

Much like my feelings with Jose Canseco and those awful Leaf cards in plain clothes (as plain as a Canseco will wear), we collect BASEBALL cards, not men cards. Yes, baseball cards have men on them but without the bat, glove, and field … just what the hell are we doing with our lives? I don’t want to think about it.

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One thought on “This Is a Sad (Hobby) Sight

  1. Polo

    I love UD, but could never get into Goodwin products and the like. This post nails it. Also, a very interesting question posed there at the end that I’ve wondered about myself from time to time about this hobby. Would be worth interviewing a shrink about it and writing about that.

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