Topps, We Need This Card Before It’s Too Late

It’s 2015 and Chevy Chase is not a popular man. Young tv/movie fans won’t even know who he is and those old school fans have probably been turned off after the ‘Community’ debacle or Gawker’s scathing article on this now washed-up comedian, writer, and actor.

Still, you can’t erase history and looking back at the 70s and 80s, it’s impossible to deny Chase’s star on the small and big screen. From breaking out on the first season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ to the Vacation franchise, Chevy was a huge star once upon a time.

There are currently just two autographs of Chevy on card board and both are awful 1 of 1 cut signatures. Topps, who has a long history with pop culture would benefit greatly from an SNL autograph set in a product like Topps Archives.

Below is a custom card I found on Google Images, likely created by card genius, PunkRockPaint. This exact card and photograph, with an on-card autograph of Chase would be HUGE. Why it hasn’t happened already is shocking.

Can you imagine a Topps insert line with on-card autographs of Chase, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon, and other famous SNL alum? It would be huge and would easily break into mainstream news and media, something this hobby desperately needs.

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4 thoughts on “Topps, We Need This Card Before It’s Too Late

  1. If they keep it out of baseball products, fine. I hated all the presidential candidate cards in 2008…any non-baseball cards in baseball card products are just wrong.

  2. Those presidential cards were god awful. This is Chevy Chase, though!!!

  3. Mike V

    I wouldn’t mind a “Vacation” set of autos in something like Ginter. But if they’re going to do another set like they did with Major League they need to get some Sandlot in there.

  4. I’d be all over the SNL cards if Topps produced them. Huge part of my childhood.

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