You Be the Judge ! 2014 Supreme Football

From time to time, I receive products for review purposes from Topps Company. I love trading cards but my passion lies in writing about the industry way more than collecting. Today, a package came in the mail and inside was a box of ’14 Topps Supreme Football. I am giving away the complete contents of the box, including the hard case it came in on my dime, all you have to do is give your opinion on the product and a mini-review of the box.

Say you’re a collector walking into a card shop and you pick up this very box of Supreme. Are you happy with the contents? Design? Pulls? A winner will be chosen at random this Friday (03-27). You can leave your entry/review in the comments section.


Victor Cruz #’d 024/162
Brandon Marshall #’d 24/99
Carlos Hyde #’d 19/25
Jordan Matthews autograph #’d 094/100

The cards look great, are super-thick, and the autograph is on-card. You be the judge. Topps is listening.

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10 thoughts on “You Be the Judge ! 2014 Supreme Football

  1. Slette

    The design doesn’t vary too far off from previous Supreme releases, although I’m happy to see the auto is on-card, as opposed to their past history of stickers. Over all, they look pretty clean and the background on that Matthews almost looks like it could be part of the Eagles helmet incorporated, which is a cool touch. That said, this stuff retails around $70-80 a box, and if I dropped that type of money to get those cards, I’d be upset. I know there are no guarantees in breaking wax, but yikes that’d be a tough pill to swallow.

    • Great point, I was thinking the same myself. A Mathews 1/1 sold for $30 from this product.

      Such is the box breaker gamble. I try to avoid it unless I’m busting cheap, old school stuff from the mid-90s.

  2. DPalagi

    I’m a simple man….so I enjoy the good color, great cardboard stock, on-card autos & card #ing on the front.
    BUT I wish they would have deviated a little from years past. It’s a box that I respect, but I’d never crack my own box. I’ll probably stick to buying singles from the set.

  3. The cards look great and I really like the thick stock. I could do without the additional gold swoop at the top of the card, as it looks like they have wings coming out of their head or back (good for an Eagle, bad for everyone else). The fade for the auto is great, as it makes the autograph stand out. Topps usually does this well. It is also a big plus that the autograph is on-card. That is one of the things i consider when i purchase a box, as I stay away from stickers (the sticker auto will fade over time when exposed to constant light, so why bother, and when the sticker gets dirty around the edges, they look bad).

    There are two big negatives. 1st is price. $80-$90 (Blowout has it for $84). Way too much for this product. 4 cards. I rather bust another box of the over produced Chrome for $42 (that is right, two boxes of Chrome for one box of Supreme). I would think most collectors would. The 2nd negative is the autograph. An initial with a swoop! Really! Would you buy an autographed picture signed like this? I would never collect an autograph that is initials or just a swoop. Topps should not allow that to pass for an autograph (remember, they get paid to sign and there should be strict guidelines on what would pass for an autograph). Especially since the customer is truly paying $80 for a gamble on the autograph.

    Overall, if i saw this at the hobby shop or local show, i would pass on purchasing it.

  4. CK

    I like the effort to make it feel high end. The thick card stock, numbering on front, gold swirly lines, and the on card auto. Like calico said above, that autograph is a joke. I’m an Eagles fan and even I’m not sure how much I’d pay for that auto as a single. Players are really becoming lazy with their auto these days; Trout is another who comes to mind. You think about the old guys and they had some signatures! Mantle, Schmidt, Ted Williams, Killebrew; they gave you a nice auto. I agree that Topps should not accept this “mailing it in” effort of an auto and have them try a little harder.

  5. James

    I think the addition of color and on card autos (assuming they are all on card) is a MAJOR improvement. Am I correct in understanding that they changed the configuration from 2 autos to 1 auto and 3 base cards?

  6. Sport Card Collectors

    Not sure if I would feel satisfied with cost vs results. But, I guess you gotta look at it like all products in the hobby that it’s all a gamble. But I do like that all of the cards are numbered.

    The design is okay. Even though the cards are thick my first fear would be chipping with this type of color schemes.

  7. CalicoKidCards, you won the lot. Get in touch with me! 🙂

  8. First and foremost, on-card autographs are crucial to me as a collector! Five Star is one of my favorite products because it features on-card autos, and I like how this product does also. I will absolutely spend more knowing that I’m going to get an on-card auto in a product. The gold foil accents and thick card stock are a great touch and really make the cards feel high-end. That said, four cards and only one hit is just not enough for any box, especially at that price. I would look for these as singles on the secondary market, but I’m not likely to risk the money on a box until the price comes down fairly significantly. In summary, on card autos are best, these cards look great, but the box is just too light for the price.

  9. PS – I know I was late for the giveaway, I just wanted to throw my two cents in!

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