I’m Absolutely Fascinated with Bunt

Back during the days of Topps’ now failed e-Topps experiment, I couldn’t believe how much collectors were spending on digital cards that they held in their “portfolio”. The difference with e-Topps is that for an extra fee and ridiculous shipping charge, your digital card could come home and join the rest of your real collection.

Unless I’m missing something, Topps Bunt is something completely different. Basically, it’s a game that is updated in real time where collectors use real money to buy not so real cards. These cards are never printed by Topps and really don’t exists except in your Topps Bunt app. How this has caught on with collectors is beyond me.

Below is a Topps Bunt “autographed” one of one Mike Trout card which is currently on eBay with an opening bid of $500 dollars or a Buy It Now of $1,000. I spend real money on in-game app purchases all the time but the day I spend a grand on a digital card is the day I walk away from collecting forever.

For the record, you can buy a real Mike Trout autograph, specifically, his most desirable 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft card for around $1,100 in base form and it includes a real autograph not the mock-up silliness of the “card” below. The choice is yours. However, if you’re making real money selling these cards, more power to you. There’s a sucker born every minute.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Absolutely Fascinated with Bunt

  1. I’m with you. I fail to see the point of buying these. I used the app some last year, but it left me thinking I could have been sorting *real* cards instead.

  2. I wouldn’t pay $1 for a digital card… let alone $1000. What is our hobby world coming to?

  3. I use the app all the time, but i never really spend money on it (last year I spent $5 total). They made some great change to the game play, so i may spend a little more this year ($10 max). Unlike Etopps, the prizes of the game play are coins or rarer digital cards. Etopps prizes for the games was a case of cards. Each week, they game out 3 prizes – such as a case, an auto helmet and an auto ball – and they were shipped to you for free at the end of the contest. I won a case of Bowman Platinum, an Albert Pujols auto helmet, an Payton Manning auto mini helmet and a Joe Pepitone auto ball. At least you got something real for your money. I bunt was this way with prizes, I would be spending a ton more on the app.

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