Horrible Daughter Sells off Dad’s Collection


James Bennett, a lifelong collector knew something was up when his Babe Ruth signed baseball came up missing. The only two people in the world who knew about his hiding spot was his wife and his daughter. The next day his heart was broken when he discovered that his beloved Ruth baseball had been sold on eBay. Along with his signed ball, his entire baseball card collection was also missing, including 50 complete sets (hope they weren’t 1988 Donruss) and several individual cards. One collector valued Bennett’s collection being worth over $100,000 dollars (hope that’s not Beckett BV).

Featured above, is a picture of James’ horrible, piece of dirt daughter, Michelle Ortiz. Thankfully, a sting operation caught the whale above and her dirt bag husband. Unfortunately, much of the collection had already been sold and has been hard to track down and bring back into James’ possession. At least Michelle will always have that mugshot to remind her of what a nasty cunt she is and the crime committed against her own father. To wash my eyes and memory, how about we look at Tony Womack’s 1998 Fleer Ultra card. Now, that’s a great image to help us forget about this horrible story.$_57

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4 thoughts on “Horrible Daughter Sells off Dad’s Collection

  1. That’s absolutely cruel.. wow.

  2. Man. I’d be devastated if someone stole my collection. Can’t even begin to imagine how I’d feel if someone I loved was the thief.

  3. The idea that this man can not even trust his own daughter is horrible.

  4. Matthew Kendig

    I hope that twat gets crippled and put in a wheelchair in prison. When she gets out hopefully she gets hit by a car while wheeling across the street and gets stuck on the grill. And that car gets hit by a bus. And that bus gets hit by a train. Then the train gets hit by a jumbo jet. Then the jet gets incinerated by an asteroid. Then the asteroid knocks the earth out of orbit, causing it to careen into the sun. Then the sun, the earth, the asteroid, the jet, the train, the bus, the car and especially that fat, theiving, no neck crotch bleeding whore all get swallowed up in a galaxy eating black hole. In short, fuck that bitch.

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