Topps Museum is Live, Will Make You Forget Tribute

Here are a few hits pulled from 2015 Topps Museum as posted by Topps’ Twitter account. As you can see, the cards look amazing. These cards look absolutely fabulous and in my opinion will be the best product of 2015 (SO FAR). I haven’t been a huge fan of the flagship or Heritage and with Tribute turning out to be a PR disaster, this is going to put Topps back in the lead of the card game for the year, a lead the New York based company is not likely to lose.

As for Museum, there’s still some time before its release but you can expect these cards to start surfacing on eBay any minute now. None have shown up yet as of 3:35 PM Eastern time. Once they do hit the market, expect a big rush from collectors including myself as I chase down the Jose Canseco autograph in the checklist. I can’t wait!

You can expect a full review of the Jose Canseco autograph as soon as it hits eBay or any card forum. I’m eagerly awaiting its debut as I felt his auto in ’15 Tribute was lacking flair. As for details, Museum will be official on April 10th with boxes selling for around $200 dollars for 20 total cards.

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One thought on “Topps Museum is Live, Will Make You Forget Tribute

  1. I enjoy the base card design of Topps Museum… as well as their sketch card insert set. I’m also a huge fan of their on-card autographs. On the flipside, it kinda bothers me to see them use sticker autographs on some of the cards. Isn’t this considered a high end product? Can’t wait to see your Canseco. Hopefully he’s featured as an Athletic and he signed the actual card… and not a sticker.

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