Will We See Bruce Jenner’s Transformation On Cardboard?

Hate it or love it, Bruce Jenner is an iconic and well-respected athlete. More recently, he has been the butt of pop culture references thanks to a reality tv show in which he played second fiddle to a domineering pig and her over-sexualized daughters. Who knew that the real storie on ‘Keeping up with the Kardshians’ wasn’t playing out on cameras?

At the end of this month, Bruce will say farewell to his life as a man and officially become a woman, something he says he has been or at least related to since the age of 5. Whatever his choice is, I support it. On card board, however, it may cause some confusion as Jenner has been prominently featured all over a hobby as a man.

It seems every company has featured Jenner on a card including heavy hitters like Topps and Upper Deck and even Panini America and Leaf. Even companies that are no longer around like Impel, put Jenner on a card. My favorite, though, comes from this early 90s on-card and serial numbered autograph from a release called Signature Rookies Tetrad. It will run you around $30-$40 dollars on eBay despite a print run of over 1,000.

There is still a lot of information on Jenner’s new life that remains a mystery, including what his new name will be. All will be revealed in due time but for now, we can all still enjoy the wonderful career of Bruce Jenner on cardboard.


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2 thoughts on “Will We See Bruce Jenner’s Transformation On Cardboard?

  1. I hope not. If I never hear about that whole family again I would be just fine with that.

    Even though I collect Olympic cards he is not represented in my collection…at least not yet. Someday, maybe…but it will be based on Olympic performance/history only.

    I wish I could say the whole family is not in my card collection, but I do have a card of Kanye West. The perils of being a set collector!

  2. Cool card. I busted a lot of Signature Rookies back in the 90’s. Most of it was the 94 Draft (Baseball), but I did open a few packs of Tetrad too. Unfortunately, I never pulled the Jenner. The only autograph I have of him is his 2011 UD World of Sports, which doesn’t even have a photograph of him. It features a generic silhouette of a runner. One of these days I’ll have to go out and pick up a real autograph of the gold medalist.

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