And THIS is Why I Love Topps!

No disrespect to the rest of the card manufacturers but nothing beats licensed, Topps cards. Below is a card pulled from the great @BrentandBecca Twitter account. It’s just one of three Canseco cards that have surfaced from 2015 Museum and all three cards feature different photos. In this day and age, that is impressive!

These three cards, which I’ve only posted 1 due to the WordPress app on my phone being difficult, are the best Canseco cards of 2015 and the one card below is hands down one of the prettiest Jose Canseco cards I’ve ever seen. What’s great is that it’s low on gimmicks, simply relying on a great design, autograph, and cool photo. My only beef is that it’s the same photo from ’14 Allen & Ginter and Archives. The other two cards use completely unseen photos, however.

Some collectors complained about 200+ Jose Canseco cards released in 2014 but after a decade-long absence due to scandals, these cards are a welcome to this long time collector. Keep up the great work, Topps!

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3 thoughts on “And THIS is Why I Love Topps!

  1. Lifelong Topps fan! I wish Upper Deck and Panini had MLB licenses for competition sake… but even when everyone had licenses… the majority of my purchases revolved around Topps products. Well except for a few years in the early to mid 90’s.

  2. Regardless of how ugly it may be, I always start with Topps.

  3. CK

    Topps is tops!

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