Not Sure if Awesome or Awful

In theory, I should have been a huge Pacific Trading Cards fan. After all, being Hispanic, there has never been another company that catered to the Latin market as much as Pacific did. Unfortunately, from their late 80s small start, their official debut in 1993, and their demise, I was never a fan. Pacific’a cards were over the top and gaudy, even by 90s standards.

Another thing I can’t stand is too many parallels and in my eyes, Pacific was the biggest offender in that department. In fact, I simply avoided all their cards in the late 90s and would only pick up the occasional Jose Canseco from one of their way too many yearly products from card shows and shops. It’s only now in 2015 that I realize that their brand of zaniness was actually creative and is something that’s lacking in today’s world of collecting.

Today, I discovered that not only was there way too many parallels in their product, there was also something incredibly cool (or awful) that you could have if you attended any of the big card shows from the late 90s into the early 2000s. You see, at the big shows they would set up a booth and any one card you pulled from a pack of their products could be stamped by them, for free, essentially making your card a one of a kind (sorta). At first they were embossing the chosen card but eventually, being Pacific, upgraded to a foil stamp with show information like you see below. Unlike the card sample below, most stamps added to the overall aesthetic, unlike the awful stamp below which pretty much kills the design.

So if you have deep pockets (Trader Crack’s) and you’ve somehow managed to complete a Pacific rainbow, you may just be missing out on a card or two you never even knew existed. Or if you’re like me, you’ve learned to just ignore all things Pacific. The card below is what you’d hashtag as #PlayerCollectorProblems.

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3 thoughts on “Not Sure if Awesome or Awful

  1. I love Pacific and their inserts. I do agree on too many parallels. I’ve seen these stamped cards come up on my PC ebay searches, but I’m not into these at all.

  2. I think that’s a dumb idea. It’s not that different from Topps buying back cards and stamping them, though at least then you’re getting a vintage (in theory vintage) card in a pack you bought.

    Pacific seemed somewhere in between the big 5 licensed producers and oddball sets. I didn’t buy much of their stuff, but I thought some of the stuff they did was neat.

  3. Pacific was always my least favorite company back in the 90’s and early 2000’s for the same reasons you mentioned in this post… way too gold and gaudy. With that being said… I have sort of learned to appreciate some of their products over the years… especially some of their unique insert sets.

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