Judging Canseco Part 1 of 2

During my month-long absence from the sports cards online community, two different companies releases new Jose Canseco cards. Unlike Topps’ amazing work with Jose cards in Gyspy Queen and Museum Collection, both companies delivered less than stellar cards. My Topps Tier Canseco review will arrive tomorrow. For now, we will review the two cards I’ve seen in 2015 Prizm.

I busted a few packs of 2014 Prizm and absolutely loved the Finest wanna-be release and while Topps’ Finest brand will always be my king, Prizm offers a very unique chromium brand from a non-licenses rival company. Below you will see two Canseco cards from ’15 Prizm, one a sticker the other on-card. While I don’t expect any type of logos, it would be nice if Panini America used Oakland A’s colors or at least something similar as it’s obvious to any Canseco fan that these two photos come from Jose’s glory days in Oakland, most likely 1990-91.

I absolutely love the Signatue Distinctions card despite being shaped like a penis and its parallels look amazing. The card below, which features a sticker looks as bland as any recent Canseco I’ve seen in a year and is a definite “pass” for my Canseco collection.

Overall, I’d give Panini’s Canseco effort a C+. It’s a lower score than I expected to dole out simply because one of the cards is so awful that it brings down the overall grade. It would have been amazing to see Jose in Diamond Kings but I guess it was not meant to be. Don’t worry, Topps’ Tier One Canseco didn’t fare much better but that’s for tomorrow’s review.

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