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Judging Canseco Part 1 of 2

During my month-long absence from the sports cards online community, two different companies releases new Jose Canseco cards. Unlike Topps’ amazing work with Jose cards in Gyspy Queen and Museum Collection, both companies delivered less than stellar cards. My Topps Tier Canseco review will arrive tomorrow. For now, we will review the two cards I’ve seen in 2015 Prizm.

I busted a few packs of 2014 Prizm and absolutely loved the Finest wanna-be release and while Topps’ Finest brand will always be my king, Prizm offers a very unique chromium brand from a non-licenses rival company. Below you will see two Canseco cards from ’15 Prizm, one a sticker the other on-card. While I don’t expect any type of logos, it would be nice if Panini America used Oakland A’s colors or at least something similar as it’s obvious to any Canseco fan that these two photos come from Jose’s glory days in Oakland, most likely 1990-91.

I absolutely love the Signatue Distinctions card despite being shaped like a penis and its parallels look amazing. The card below, which features a sticker looks as bland as any recent Canseco I’ve seen in a year and is a definite “pass” for my Canseco collection.

Overall, I’d give Panini’s Canseco effort a C+. It’s a lower score than I expected to dole out simply because one of the cards is so awful that it brings down the overall grade. It would have been amazing to see Jose in Diamond Kings but I guess it was not meant to be. Don’t worry, Topps’ Tier One Canseco didn’t fare much better but that’s for tomorrow’s review.

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Panini America Gives Wax Heaven an Exclusive

Of course, it’s an exclusive that only Jose Canseco fans and collectors will enjoy but that was kind of the idea. Below is the first ever image posted online of Jose Canseco’s autograph from 2015 Prizm.

Last month when Panini America started giving collectors a sneak peak at their Prizm line, I predicted that it would give Topps Finest a run for their money and my feelings haven’t changed one bit.

Now, Panini has given us a preview of their next product, Diamond Kings, and well, they have completely shut my trap because I was one of those talking smack after seeing the sell sheets. Boy, was I wrong.

I predicted Prizm would give Finest stiff competition in 2015. With Diamond Kings, however, I predict a product of the year type run once its released … with or without a Jose Canseco in the set.

As for the card below, it appears to be Jose Canseco from 1991-92, his final years in Oakland. As much as I like the photo, to me the highlight is the on-card autograph on the reflective metal. It looks awesome!

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First Impressions Not Always Correct

Man, when I saw the Jose Canseco in Panini’s America’s Pastime line I almost gagged. I hated it instantly. However, after being burned by high prices on, I decided to start bidding on low-end autographs and game-used relics to get the best possible price.

Fast forward to this morning when this card showed up in my mailbox. I won the very same card I was talking smack about and then something happened … I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised by Panini America’s work with this card.

For starters, the card uses an image which you can forgive for lack of logos. The card stock is really thick and the autograph is on-card, which was a nice bonus. At this point, the serial number on the front of card was just extra fun.

I wrote about Panini’s Canseco card in Prizm just yesterday. It may be time to just sit and wait till these cards are in hand before I make any further judgements because the very same card I hated initially turned out to be pretty damn nice in hand.

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Panini’s New Canseco Card is Depressing

Jose Canseco is already a depressing figure, this card, which Panini America revealed today, somehow tops Jose’s sad life. It’s not the design, which looks great, but the photo and colors which make this card look, well, depressing.

Another thing I’m worried about is if Jose has been left out of the base card checklist, which has all those neat parallels. So far, this is the only Jose I have seen in 2015 Prizm and I’m not sure if there will be parallels of this particular card. Right now, Panini NEEDS MLB logos.

As for the picture, my guess is that it’s from Jose’s Oakland years, probably ’90-’91, though I can’t be certain. I am not sure why Panini made the colors on Jose’s jersey black and grey but it really brings down the card. Green and yellow would have saved this card.

Here’s hoping we see a little more color with this card and its possible parallels or that Jose also had a base card in this set because those base cards look absolutely awesome. A man can dream, can’t he? Click here to see more Prizm.

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Prism Looking to Challenge Topps Finest

While Topps is dealing with a major PR nightmare, Panini America took a moment to preview some in-hand autographs for their upcoming 2015 Prism brand. Unlike 2015 Donruss, this set does feature Jose Canseco in some capacity. I’ve been pestering Panini to let me see a preview but have been pretty much blow off so far. I’m still trying because I’m dying to see the Canseco in this product.

As for the Prism brand, I busted 4 packs from 2014 and it was extremely fun yet also a little bland due to the lack of logos. As you can see from the images below, Panini is doing everything in their power to make logos on baseball cards obsolete. If you ask me, they are doing a pretty good job judging by the cards below. I’m not positive but I believe the bottom card is a tie dye parallel.

These cards are still a long ways away as Panini is still trying to obtain signatures but from the looks of it, this is going to be Panini’s strongest baseball effort this year. If Prism is released around the time Topps Finest drops, we could have a serious David vs. Goliath battle on our hands. If you can get past the lack of logos and airbrushing, this is going to be a very fun product!

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