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The Winner of the Museum Collection Lot is …

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 Topps Museum giveaway. There will be many more giveaways thanks to Topps Company’s generous donations. Down the line, there may even be another card manufacturer joining the club which means two things: more reviews and more free cards to readers of Wax Heaven.

Stay tuned as I expect to have Gypsy Queen any day now. As for the grand prize, the winning comment goes to CK, which you can read below. If he doesn’t contact me within five days, we can split up the cards to the two runner-ups, ChuckNeo and Tony L. Thanks for reading and make sure to follow me on Twitter @WaxMorgue.


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On-Card Autographs Only A Luxury in These Times

You may call this a flip flop. At one point, long ago, I was a die-hard anti-sticker collector. I hated everything about them and felt that cards should be held and signed by my favorite players. Well, my feelings have changed and for many reasons all within the last four months.

For starters, thanks to @Celebzdirect’s Twitter account, I am witnessing something I suspected all along, our baseball heroes HATE signing cards and might as well hate us collectors who buy baseball cards. For more proof, look at players’ disdain for Topps’ photographer, who by the way, was a total sweetheart. Simply put, fuck you and your overpaid, prima donna attitudes. You guys are being payed ridiculous money to play a game, you should kiss the fans’ asses every moment you are alive, instead, you shun us for collecting cards.

Secondly, as we have seen with the disaster that was 2015 Topps Tribute, on-card autographs can smear and at that point the entire card is ruined. With stickers, if they are CLEAR, you have options on what stickers to use rather than having to pay some asshole to re-sign all new cards, thereby delaying your entire product or forcing the use of redemptions, which are 1,000 times worse than Hitler.

Finally, and bare with me … sticker autographs don’t look all that bad anymore. Long gone are the days of those bright silver stickers that only looked decent on 2007 Bowman’s Best and ultra futuristic products like Finest and Moments and Milestones. So long as the stickers are clear, small, and classy, I don’t mind one way or another. At this point, on-card autographs are a luxury in this hobby and are not to be expected with every release. However, any product that delivers less than 20 cards and costs $200 or more should be exclusively on-card. PERIOD.

What’s your opinion on stickers? For the record, the card below is a 2015 Topps Museum Collection of Roger Clemens. Clearly, this was a Topps leftover and not the normal stickers being found in this product. The card itself is amazing and should bring in some big money but I can’t help wonder how much nicer it would have been with a different style of sticker autograph.

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