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2015 Topps Museum Collection Review

To be eligible for all the cards featured in this review, leave a comment with your favorite and least favorite thing about Topps baseball cards. The winner will be chose at random and cards will be delivered at my expense.

For the very first time, I have the privilege of busting open a box of 2015 Topps Museum Collection, a product which wasn’t around during the final days of Wax Heaven. At just under $200 per box, it’s one of the only high-end products I have reviewed and easily one of my all-time favorites and while it did deliver one hell of a punch, I did have some concerns as a collector that I will discuss in my review.

Design: A+

Simply put, 2015 Museum Collection is Topps’ very best product of the year. Design-wise, it blows away their flagship, Heritage, Tribute, and the yet to be reviewed, Gypsy Queen. As far as the competition, so far it’s only 2015 Donruss Baseball and that too doesn’t stand a chance. When Topps is on their game, they are impossible to beat.

On a personal level, Museum Collection has put out some of the greatest Jose Canseco autographs I have ever seen, all on-card and all featuring new and different photographs per card, something that’s a rarity these days. It’s one of the reasons I love this year’s Museum Collection so much.

Price: C

Right now, boxes of Museum Collection will run you just under $200 dollars for 20 total cards. Don’t get me wrong, the cards look absolutely gorgeous, as does the design of the hits and even the parallels but at that price range we should be getting a product that features 100% on-card autographs and with at least 10-15 more cards, if not a chance for a bonus 5th hit every other box or something similar.

I’ve watched countless case breaks of this stuff on YouTube as well, which not only leaves me feeling quite envious, but a bit sad for those collectors as cases are running for big money right now and unless you’re an eBay expert with lots of time on your hands and extreme luck, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Game-used relics just don’t bring in the kind of money they used to.

Inserts/Hits/Parallels: B+

Here is where this product shines. Out of 20 cards, I pulled six serial numbered cards and 4 big hits. My favorite card was the Nomar Garciaparra autograph which looks amazing and happens to be on-card, plus is numbered to 59. I also pulled a three-piece relic/auto (sticker) numbered to 349, a 4-piece relic numbered to 99, and a jumbo relic. No patches in this box but that’s fine because I’m seeing them pulled quite frequently on YouTube and social media.

Overall: B

To me, Museum Collection absolutely blows away Topps’ Triple Threads line. Although it’s not as high-end as T.T, I would pick Museum Collection over that overrated product any day of the week. The design is magnificent, the cards are thick, and you’ll end up with four big hits and several serial numbered cards. As a collector, paying nearly $200 for a box of 20 cards is no longer reasonable to me but the high-end gamblers love this product and for a good reason.

For my own collecting needs, I will, when the time is right, start bringing in the several Jose Canseco cards into my collection when prices have come down a bit. Even if you can’t afford to bust boxes of new product or anything high-end, right now is the greatest time in the world to be a player collector thanks to eBay and other online sites that are helping so many fulfill their collecting needs.


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And THIS is Why I Love Topps!

No disrespect to the rest of the card manufacturers but nothing beats licensed, Topps cards. Below is a card pulled from the great @BrentandBecca Twitter account. It’s just one of three Canseco cards that have surfaced from 2015 Museum and all three cards feature different photos. In this day and age, that is impressive!

These three cards, which I’ve only posted 1 due to the WordPress app on my phone being difficult, are the best Canseco cards of 2015 and the one card below is hands down one of the prettiest Jose Canseco cards I’ve ever seen. What’s great is that it’s low on gimmicks, simply relying on a great design, autograph, and cool photo. My only beef is that it’s the same photo from ’14 Allen & Ginter and Archives. The other two cards use completely unseen photos, however.

Some collectors complained about 200+ Jose Canseco cards released in 2014 but after a decade-long absence due to scandals, these cards are a welcome to this long time collector. Keep up the great work, Topps!

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