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Why Bowman’s Best Will Topple Bowman Chrome

Yes, I said it. I’m also going on strictly speculation because despite my repeated efforts to get some information from Topps about Bowman’s Best, its 2015 return is top secret for the time being. However, I am an original Best junkie so I truly believe this year will be Bowman’s Best’s year. Here are some reasons why: The First Chrome Prospect Card We all know that Finest introduced the hobby world to chrome cards and Refractors, while destroying the competition in one fell swoop. Despite their immediate dominance, some collectors complained about the lack of rookies and prospects, thus Topps created the Bowman’s Best line in 1994, bringing into the market the very first chrome prospects cards and Refractors! The First Parallel Above the Refractor By 1996, Topps was in the process of flooding the market with Refractors by going from a Finest exclusive to Topps Chrome and Bowman’s Best. They knew collectors would soon tire of plain Recractors so they came up with the very first parallel of a parallel in the Atomic Refractor, introduced where else but 1996 Bowman’s Best. Now, take a look at the card below. That sure does look like a brighter Superfractor, doesn’t it? The First Chrome Autograph This one is huge. By 1997, Chrome had been used in Finest three years, Bowman’s Best two years, and Topps Chrome was about to turn two. They also had Bowman Chrome’s debut just months away and despite how huge that debut was, they forgot all about certified autographs. Guess what product was the first to include autos on chrome stock? Bowman’s Best! That’s right, every time there is something new to try out, Best is where Topps goes. The Future is Bright There are zero details on the return of Bowman’s Best at the moment. I do have one tiny exclusive … we will see the line return at the tail end of the baseball season. I have no details on product breakdown, design, checklist, or anything else but if we know Topps Company, we can expect Bowman’s Best to be a huge product in 2015 much like Topps High Tek was a product of the year candidate in 2014. Besides, how much longer will Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft stay fresh? Perhaps forever. Stupid question . Okay, how big will Topps push to make Bowman’s Best the premier Bowman product of 2015? If my examples tell you anything it’s that you should expect big things from Bowman’s Best. I for one cannot wait as it has always been a favorite of mine since I pulled my very first big pull of my life, seen below. I pulled that card in 1995, not knowing what I had. I sold it at the end of the 1996 season for $50 dollars and two boxes of 1997 Ultra, which was an amazing deal for me being that I was 16 and in love with bustin’ wax. As you can guess, I used the other $50 to buy even more wax.

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