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A Topps/eBay/Canseco Controversy (ToEbCo-Gate)

While doing my daily morning trek through eBay today to see what new items on Jose Canseco had been posted, I came across a very interesting listing. Up for sale is a 7-card lot of those Topps Allen & Ginter “hand print” cards from 2014.

What’s interesting is that this seller is claiming to own cards #’d 1,2,3,4,6,8, and 10 from the entire print run of 10 and even goes on to thank Topps for hooking him up with these cards. In case the auction goes down, here is a direct quote, “Big Thanks go out to topps for making this happen.”

So exactly how did one collector end up with 7 out of 10 cards from a rare insert? I wasn’t around in 2014 so could this have been some kind of contest I missed? Is this a scam auction using stolen images, perhaps taken from Canseco or Topps’ Twitter account? I reached out to Topps but have not heard back yet.

While doing my own research, I discovered that card #10, which the seller claims to have for sale, sold on March 9th for $425 dollars by an eBay user named “nickva_22” who has 59 transactions and 100% positive feedback The buyer? The same guy selling the Topps lot.

Is this a case of a user buying up the entire stash of Topps cards on eBay? If so, why lie and say Topps gave them to you personally? We know for a fact card #10 did not come from Topps as the transaction is right in public view.

Looking at this seller’s other eBay auctions, it appears he is getting rid of most of his Jose Canseco collection, including very rare items, likely pawned off by a hard-up Canseco directly. He also has some amazing cards, like a 1998 Donruss Red Crusade #’d to 25 for a ridiculous $4,999 asking price.

Gonna need a wider lens, bro.

You’re totally not Jose’s type …

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