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Little Known Twitter Account Gives Collectors a Sneak Peak

Panini America has close to 149 thousand followers on Twitter. Topps Company has nearly 84,000. Upper Deck has over 30,000. They all at one point or another use their audience to show off new, upcoming products soon to be released. However, in my humble opinion none do a better job than Panini America. That being said, there’s a large demand to see what products are coming soon which thanks to @CelebzDirect, is now a wish being granted, sort of.

Below is an image Tweeted by @CelebzDirect showing Wax Heaven favorite and former 30-30 Man, Jose Cruz, Jr. enthusiastically signing his 2015 Topps Archives card. As you can see, it’s on-card (suck it, Panini!) and features the 1986 Topps flagship design, which is a personal favorite of mine. What’s great about this Twitter account is that it’s filled with pictures of retired players signing unseen, 2015 Topps cards. Unfortunately, some are a little harder to guess on what brand is pictured than others.

As for CelebzDirect, their Twitter account has been around since 2012 but has just over 500 followers. Located near Tampa, this is one of the few companies that are not only giving collectors a small sneak peak at upcoming product but also adding to the legitimicy of pack-inserted autographs by showing the players signing handful of cards. It is a service that needs to publicized as much as possible in this new age of social media and “game-used” memorabilia scandals affecting our hobby in a negative light.

Make sure to add @CelebzDirect to your Twitter feed if you haven’t done so already!

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