The Wax Heaven Want List

I bust a lot of wax. I give away 99.9% of what I bust. That .1 percent is the Jose Canseco I may pull if I’m extremely lucky. In the past, I have given away everything from autographs and relic cards, to 4, one of one printing plates (Upper Deck rainbow). While I am starting out fresh, in 2-3 months I will be stocked up on all kinds of cards. So if you would like to make a trade or offer me something I need, please let me know.

Unopened Wax – I love all unopened products but have a special interest in wax from 1996-1999. I consider those prime years in our hobby and for personal reasons. If you have unopened wax from that era for sale, let me know. Anything I buy or that is donated will be used for review purposes as well as for video box breaks posted here and on YouTube.

Jose Canseco – I have been collecting Jose since 1990, when I pulled his card from my first-ever pack of Topps. I do not have as many cards as other “super collectors” but in 25 years have amassed over 1,100 different cards including memorabilia relics, certified autographs, buybacks, parallels, and much more. Below is a list of cards I need at the moment.

1994 Bowman’s Best – refractor

1995 Bowman’s Best – refractor
1995 Finest – refractor

1996 Bowman’s Best – refractor, atomic refractor
1996 Finest – common refractor
1996 Metal Universe – platinum
1996 Pinnacle – Starburst
1996 Select Certified – all 5 parallels
1996 Topps Chrome – base and refractor

1997 Bowman Chrome – international, internation refractor
1997 Bowman’s Best – refractor, atomic refractor
1997 Leaf Limited – exposure
1997 Finest – #284 refractor, embossed refractor
1997 Pinnacle Certified – mirror gold
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified – gold
1997 Topps Chrome – base, refractor


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